вторник, 4 февраля 2014 г.

Гердан зі сваргою

Гердан з бісеру в народному стилі

Бісер чеський (Preciosa 10/0)
Нитка капронова

Довжина - 46,5 см
Ширина - 4,8 см

Traditional ukrainian gerdan. Beaded gerdan

Traditional Gerdan ornamanets were geometric ‘diamonds’, strung on a ribbon and connected with multicolored beads, forming a striking original pattern, complementing the embroidery on shirts. This element of traditional costume of Ukrainian women was also considered a kind of an amulet. One wasn’t supposed to give a Gerdan to another person. These ornaments symbolized the eternity of spiritual being.

- Czech beads (Preciosa 10/0)

- Length - 17.9 in (46.5 cm) from neck to center (one side)
- Width of central element - 1.9 in (4.8 cm)

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