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Криза кольорова

 Криза кольова. Криза з бісеру. Прикраса з бісеру в народному стилі.

Бісер чеський (Preciosa 10/0)
Нитка капронова
Фурнітура металева (під срібло)

Ширина - 10,5 см
Довжина - 39 см (регулюється)

Kryzy are wide round collars, made of beads with geometric and floral ornaments. Such necklaces covered a woman’s neck, chest and shoulders.

100% handmade

Do you want to be unique? I present the original Ukrainian national jewelry on a neck with the folk name - silyanka. This necklace is a bright bead collar. He is made from the high-quality Czech bead, with the use of metallic furnitury, with a bright geometrical pattern. Silyanki can carry women and girls of any age, harmonizes with any clothes, including vyshyvanka.

A bead is Czech (Preciosa 10/0),
a width is 4,2 in (10,5 cm),
length is 15,4 in (39 cm) (regulated)

The individual order of any size is possible.

If you will have questions - write a message

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